The Cobra Model

Cobra has created a unique model for professional consulting services. Cobra’s wide range of services includes corporate, commercial, intellectual property, real estate, land use and environmental consulting. Cobra’s model is to provide consulting on a concierge basis so that clients may have their outside business requirements efficiently and effectively met without having to retain multiple outside service providers in an expensive and inefficient manner. Cobra does not provide legal services; instead, Cobra’s model is to provide expert services that are not legal in nature so that its clients do not need to hire outside counsel at exorbitant attorney rates for work that does not require an attorney’s services. Where services of an attorney is required, Cobra refers its clients to counsel that have been fully vetted and who will provide expert legal services at competitive rates consistent with the Cobra model.

For example, corporate and commercial consulting often does not require the services of an attorney, whose services come at attorney rates. Instead, Cobra provides consulting services at far more reasonable rates accomplishing most tasks that do not require an attorney. Business strategies, incorporations, workouts, etc., which are all part of Cobra’s services and expertise, do not require an attorney, and therefore, we offer efficiencies and cost savings for clients. Cobra provides a full range of environmental services and engineering and intellectual property consulting, portfolio management, licensing and evaluation and most forms of protection. Similarly, Cobra’s services many real estate matters and business consulting and strategy. Where legal services are required, such as for litigation, patent prosecution, securities matters, or real estate transactions, Cobra refers its clients to vetted legal counsel which will effectively and efficiently provide such legal services.