Real Estate and Development

With over 25 years of real estate experience, Cobra works with real estate owners and developers on strategies for successful real property transactions, including, but not limited to, development, redevelopment, management, purchases, sales, and leases.

Cobra’s consultants are experts in real estate transactions and can advise its clients on how best to negotiate purchases, sales, leases, mortgages, workouts, short sales and many other transactions. Cobra’s services include assistance securing funding, attracting partners, and assembling a legal, financial, and accounting team necessary to implement and complete the transaction. Cobra’s concierge consulting services put the right team together to work for its clients.

Cobra also provides unmatched consulting services with respect to zoning, smart growth, mixed use development and redevelopment of environmentally challenged properties such as brownfields, industrial, waste disposal and superfund sites, and other listed and non-listed contaminated sites, including sites with toxic and petroleum polluted soil and groundwater. At just a fraction of the cost of assembling a team of legal, engineering, zoning and real estate experts, Cobra conducts the due diligence, evaluates the remedial and construction costs, secures the federal and state grants, and other investment incentives necessary for a successful investment opportunity. In addition, Cobra designs, plans, budgets and implements the construction, maintenance and operation of the real estate project.

At the outset, Cobra works with its clients to strategize, plan and finance their real estate opportunities. Cobra consults with its clients to determine the most strategic development opportunities for real estate. Then, Cobra experts obtain the requisite approval, permits, variances necessary to make the opportunity a reality. From building permits, zoning, and variances to waste water and water treatment, utilities and transportation solutions, Cobra accomplishes what is required to make the project a reality. Where outside experts or attorneys are necessary, Cobra refers to vetted experts and counsel who fit within the rates and costs that the client deserves and expects. Cobra also provides government and community relations necessary for such development projects to be successful.

Cobra’s engineers also have decades of experience in the identification and cleanup of contaminated sites. Cobra provides due diligence, identification, investigation, remedial action plans and the implementation of remediation of contaminated sites, whether the contamination is volatile organic compounds, toxic plumes, petroleum spills, electroplating, dry cleaning fluid, asbestos, etc. Likewise, Cobra has expertise in securing approval for remediation and redevelopment or development of such sites. Likewise, Cobra will find grants, abatements, and other incentives available for such projects. Finally, Cobra provides the fully vetted referrals necessary for the cleanup, remediation, construction and operation of the development opportunity.