Land Use and Expediting

Cobra’s clients are provided with expert consultation on the zoning regulations and restrictions for any property. Cobra has over 20 years of expert experience in land use and what current, potential and future restrictions, uses, and permits will be required. Cobra assembles the appropriate team for any plan submission and secures the requisite approval for each particular land use. On a concierge basis, Cobra can provide the solution and the plans. Cobra vets experts such as architects and legal counsel, when necessary, and in the most cost efficient and effective manner. And throughout the process, Cobra does the expediting because any delay is unacceptable.

Clients expect and Cobra provides, up front, what the zoning and permitting process will entail, the timing and the cost. Any potential delay is vetted and a plan is put into motion to avoid set backs. A client will know what to expect and what the process will be. With Cobra performing the expediting, as well as the land use applications, its clients will have the consulting, expediting and processing performed together, by one entity, Cobra Consulting. No hidden costs, no aspect left out, and no need to look further. Once again, if any process requires a variance and hearings with experts, clients are informed from the outset and Cobra will vet the experts.