Intellectual Property Consulting

Your intellectual property needs will be met by Cobra’s expert consultants who have over 20 years of experience. We help our clients identify, inventory, protect and defend their intellectual property rights, whether it is copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, designs, service marks, or patents. Cobra consults with its clients on the proper strategy to protect their rights, including how to respond to inquiries or threat letters, and other correspondence in order to protect a client’s intellectual property and to assess, valuate, protect, establish and grow its clients’ intellectual property portfolio.

Cobra’s experts work with clients to develop their intellectual property and assess their intellectual property needs. Cobra provides the best strategy to protect intellectual property assets, expand an intellectual property portfolio and assess a client’s position in an acquisition, sale, disclosure, develop and infringement situation. Cobra provides the expertise in negotiation, investment, prosecution and defense for all intellectual property matters; and if, and when, it is necessary to retain the services of patent agents or attorneys, Cobra provides the referral and vetting in accordance with its clients’ specific needs and requirements. Through years of experience and working with such agents and counsel, Cobra coordinates and marshals the best talent to serve its clients.

Cobra’s experts file copyrights and trademarks, perform due diligence and asset evaluations, negotiate licenses and business deals, and establish and identify business opportunities. Cobra provides correspondence to defend its clients and to protect its clients. If patent protection is the best course to protect a patentable invention, Cobra oversees the entire prosecution, referring to, and working with, patent attorneys or agents who specialize in the particular field for proper prosecution and opinion letters. However, through Cobra’s oversight and performance of all non-legal professional services, clients minimize expensive legal fees by only retaining legal counsel when necessary and with a Cobra referral and vetting.