Environmental Engineering Services

Cobra provides a full range of environmental engineering and services.

For commercial and residential properties, Cobra provides the engineering and consulting services to evaluate, assess, identify responsible parties, and remediate contamination. Cobra’s experts conduct phase 1 due diligence, environmental assessments, soil and water remediation, cleanups, and regulatory compliance for cleanup and remediation of contaminated properties. Cobra’s engineers put together a team to assess, delineate, contain and remediate contaminated properties, including soil and groundwater contamination, toxic spills, landfill and solid waste disposal issues. Cobra oversees the process from due diligence and identification of contamination and the sources thereof, to planning and submitting remedial investigations, remedial action plans, environmental impact statements and obtaining ‘no further action’ letters upon completion of remedial action.

Cobra also serves its clients by assisting in identification of sources of contamination and pursuing responsible parties for financing cleanup and remediation. Cobra puts together the engineering team to submit the plans, investigations, and reports necessary for regulatory authorities such as the DEC, DEP, Dept. of Health, EPA, etc. It oversees the implementation and completion of the remediation/cleanup. It also refers matters to qualified attorneys if legal serevices are necessary, such as for litigation, administrative consent orders, or agreements.

For commercial and industrial clients, Cobra provides the engineering and consulting services necessary to secure regulatory permits and approvals. Cobra’s consulting services helps its clients better assess and understand the environmental issues and requirements for its various commercial and industrial projects. Cobra’s experts are there to direct clients through the myriad of regulations, permit requirements, and approvals necessary to conduct business throughout New York and New Jersey.