Business Strategies

Cobra provides business strategy consulting to its clients at the most competitive rates available. Cobra handles incorporations, formation of partnerships, limited liability companies, and professional corporations, workouts, commercial negotiations, business opportunities, etc. Cobra provides consulting on the best vehicles for its clients to protect assets, limit liability, create investment opportunity, secure growth and expansion, as well as business succession planning.

As with all its concierge services, Cobra does not provide legal services or accounting services; instead, Cobra’s concierge model recognizes that clients are better served by working with a business consultant that can provide excellent business related services effectively and efficiently without retaining costly outside legal or other experts. Where the services of an attorney or outside expert are necessary, Cobra refers its clients to vetted third parties who will provide their services within the framework of the Cobra model. As a business concierge, Cobra will ensure that its clients’ needs are met as effectively and efficiently as possible without the client having to go to numerous, overlapping and expensive professionals for every outside need. Instead, by retaining Cobra, clients will have their business requirements fully serviced in the most effective and efficient manner. Cobra does the work and, when necessary, either makes the referrals to legal, accounting or other experts, or works with the client’s existing professionals who are already on retainer..